Monday, 14 October 2013

Devil Bambi Project

Creepy pig nosed fuzzy deer from a second hand store.
Skin him and stuff his frail plastic shell.
Fixed his lip that was caving in. Made his nose even more piggy. Figure out his new neck length.

Fixed his hoof, knees and ear tips. Sculpted in the elongated neck. Finished it up with new eyes and a Bambi like hairdo.

Starting to wall up head.

Cave mold part one.
Cave mold part two.

Walling up his body section.

Bambi's body mold.
Reinforcements to keep Bambi from devouring all his forest friends.
Neck collar.

Testing out chains to see how they fit.
Glue fangs on.

Spray painting body.

Devil Bambi

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Griffin Mountain Project

These are the toys that started this project. I was going for a Lassie meets He man kind of mash up.                                                                  
Ok so he's not a true Griffin (lion/eagle) but he ends up Griffin-like.                         
Monster Clay for his new face and white epoxy putty for the blend in fur.                      

Ready to pour the first half.                                                   

Two part silicone mold with urethane part.                                      

Ready for paint.                                                         

Sculpt a quick styrofoam rock platform.                                      

Covered in plaster.                                                       

Then covered in urethane plastic, bondo, epoxy putty and red fill.                       

Griffin Mountain                                           

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition

I'm in the TOAE this year, booth 228 sector yellow. Hope it doesn't Rain this weekend. My borrowed tent has no walls! Crossing my fingers.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

The Making of The Falcon, The Thing and Daredevil Part 3

The resculpted Falcon and his buddy Redwing
The new Daredevil
The Thing doing his...  thing

Friday, 7 June 2013

The Making of The Falcon, The Thing and Daredevil Part 2

Daredevil sculpt all smoothed out
Some leg surgery
Halfway on Daredevil's new legs
I decided to do a silicone dump mold for Falcon and DD and slit it up the back butterfly style
For The Thing, a two part keyed silicone mold
Ready to pour second half
The Thing in all his glory, walled up ready for silicone brush up 
First half of silicone done
Ready to brush up other side
Two part silicone mold with 3 part jacket
First coat of silicone on Falcon's leg
Walling up for jacket
One part silicone mold with butterfly cut and a 2 part jacket
                                                  DD's leg all walled up and ready to go
Halfway through
Hollow head castings-rotocast by hand
Working on the horns
DD painted
Painted legs
Painted Falcon leg
Paint line up

Half assembled Falcon